Monday, August 17, 2009

Archie marries Veronica

It finally had to happen, Superman got married and Spiderman got married so it is only logical that the next elligible bachelor would tie the knot.After 60 sumthin years Archie is finally going to marry Veronica in his 600th issue. The story takes place in the future after he has graduated college.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

founding fathers and constitution rollback

All these disruptions at town meetings and all this tea party business has got me worried as a citizen and a black citizen. at a meeting by a senator a woman stood up and said she wanted us to go back to what the founding fathers meant and follow the constitution. if you think about it a lot of the amendments that are important to women and black people are in the constitution after the founding fathers were dead.

Thirteenth Amendment (1865): Abolishes slavery and authorizes Congress to enforce abolition

Fifteenth Amendment (1870): Forbids the federal government and the states from using a citizen's race, color, or previous status as a slave as a qualification for voting

Nineteenth Amendment (1920): Prohibits the federal government and the states from forbidding any citizen to vote due to their sex.