Wednesday, November 9, 2016

slippin into darkness 2016

somehow the title of the WAR classic hit song seems apropos right now. Donald Trump has been elected the next president and i have to say i am stunned. I'm totally flabbergasted!. One of the most divisive candidates in the history of American politics won, in the modern age when most politicians hide their true feelings and put on the best face he did no such thing.

Described as racist, sexist, ignorant, misogynistic and the antichrist by some and people still voted for him. Nothing he said or did seemed to matter. nothing about his character mattered. nothing about his policies having no substance mattered, America just wanted a man in the white house. I wonder if Bernie Sanders would have won, i don't know but this is embarrassing.

The world is laughing at us and afraid. its not partisan speaking, even republicans were against him and yet here we are. the things he said didn't matter is all i can echo. the self same things Obama was derided for being when he ran, trump was exactly that...and yet FOX news embraced him.

he was a celebrity, tv star, no experience, elitist, anti-woman, anti black  and mexican candidate....And he still won

He was openly supported by racist which he was slow to denounce....and he still won

Some times the bad guys when, i guess that makes victory for good all the more special.

the worst thing about it is that the man he disrespected has to turn over the office to him. Of all the things Barrack Obama  should do...he wont, he will be respectful to someone that questioned his intelligence and American citizenship because that is who Barrack Obama is and was as a leader...something Donald Trump could learn from

Monday, October 17, 2016

digital comic museum

do you want to read comics online? do you want to read old comics online? if you answered yes to one of those questions i have a site for you.

Its a site dedicated to golden age comics most that are public domain. what is golden age..that means the bygone age of the late 30's or 40's.  These comics were on the racks when superman and batman first came out and were competitors. i discovered this site and i was surprised i knew nothing of these heroes from the past, most of the companies went out of business and stopped making comics.

Some of the most famous DC comic heroes were from other companies that sold the characters to dc when they went belly up like-plastic man, blue beetle, phantom lady and captain marvel (of course DC had a hand in the big red cheese going away)

Go check it out, in addition to superhero comics they have romance, cowboy, science fiction, horror, funny animals and whatever else was made into a comic

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One (2016) FINAL TRAILER

the prequel to the original trilogy

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Police Above Reproach

There have been a rash of police killing citizens in the last few years that has spurred the black lives matter movement. Black lives matter means black lives matter because police shouldn't be able to just kill citizens with impunity with seemingly no good reason.

The problem is that no one is allowed to question the police, the minute you say this video or situation doesn't pass the eye test you are called a police hater. Even after all the facts are in that dont exactly exonerate the police officer or back his narrative 100 percent  we are supposed to drop it.

The ferguson situation comes to mind. If you are armed with a weapon against a unarmed citizen you should be able to subdue him from at least 10 or 5 feet away without killing him.

We know these neighborhoods have dangerous people in them but everyone in these neighborhoods are not criminals. some criminals are black but not all blacks are criminals.

I dont have the answers but we need police......