Friday, April 18, 2008

the great white hope

Today Serena Williams beat Maria Sharapova in a tennis match and it got me thinking about the reception the golden girl has gotten. When Venus and Serena arrived on the seen, two little black girls with beads in their hair they were thought of as somewhat of a novelty until they started to win. Then the criticism kicked in, they did too many commercials, they didn't practice enough and constant challenges from past great female players. Even loud mouth John McEnroe challenged them to a match, which was strange because I never remembered him challenging Martina Navratilova or Steffi Graf to a match.

But getting back to Sharapova,when she came around she was lauded as the great beautiful goddess,on every magazine cover praised by commentators even though she had only won one major tennis event. To be honest in the looks department she is average Anna Kournikova still runs circles around her but since she has some skill and the average female tennis player looks average, she is called hot by comparison like a rose between thorns or the lesser of two uglies.

A lot of the female tennis players are butter faces "everything looks good but her face" I call this phenomenon the great white hope syndrome. When blacks dominate something like music or sports when someone white comes along and is as good as them they are considered the greatest of all time. Eminem is another example, he is a good rapper one of the best of all time CERTAINLY but he does not deserve to be championed as the best ever just because he is white.

People who have never listened to rap listen to him just because he is white. The foreign actress Zhang Zhiyi listened to him and she could not even understand what he was saying because she does not know English.

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