Thursday, September 18, 2008

High cost of getting sick

Heath care is a big problem in this country, the United States, affordable health care I should say. Although we have some of the best doctors in the world you really can’t afford to get sick. I recently went to the hospital after having a slight tightness in my stomach/chest region since I am overweight my family assumed it was heart problems. Well my visit to the hospital consisted of breathing in some medicine that was supposed to help clear my airways, taking some aspirin, having them draw blood for test and taking two pictures. I took one on a standing x-ray like machine and another on a machine similar to an MRI. I’m not sure but I had to lie down on it and be scanned from above. Well I got my doctor bill, which was $400.00, and today I got my bill for the rest, which was a whopping $8000.They wanted me to come back and take some more tests there is no telling how much that would have cost.

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