Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sanford and Sin

Photo courtesy of the AP
With apologies to the Rachel Maddow show for jacking their title, the Governor of South Carolina finally showed up today.

After being harder to find than Carmen Sandiego and Waldo governor Mark Sanford finally was found not on the Appalachian trail but in Argentina on a erotic getaway. In a press conference Sanford revealed that he had been having an affair with a woman in Argentina so it stands to reason that is why he was there on his erotic adventure.

At the press conference made all the more strange by several giggling bystanders behind him, he apologized profusely to everyone: his kids, his wife, his political allies and to the people of South Carolina.

The press conference made for interesting news but it was not really necessary to do. the governor simply could have let out a statement explaining his whereabouts and then gradually revealed his affair to the public. nowadays it seems anyone that cheats has to throw themselves on the altar of public opinion with a press conference complete with regretful tears and the understanding wife by their side.

well at least now we know why the Governor originally turned down the stimulus packet, he was getting his own stimulus packet on the side.

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