Monday, September 28, 2009

flash forward(tv series)

I watched the new TV show FLASHFORWARD on ABC and it was pretty interesting. Since LOST came out and made it big the trend has been to have these large cast mysterious dramas on but few have had the same success. This new show is based on a book and seems promising. A quick description of the show is in order I guess.

"A mysterious global event causes everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds, during which people worldwide see what appear to be visions of their lives six months in the future(April 29,2010). The event also results in the deaths of some who were involved in transportation accidents, while the people who survived are left wondering if what they saw will actually happen"

I recognized a few faces from the show too, Courtney B.Vance-I guess he won't be back on Law and Order:Criminal Intent. John Cho of Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle fame and Jack Davenport of the English sitcom Coupling and the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean. Seth "FamilyGuy" MacFarlane makes a surprise cameo also.

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