Friday, November 20, 2009


Image courtesy of Facebook. From left to right (Jimmy,Sarah,Alex,Kelly)

I love gameshows especially the kind that have questions you can answer. One of my favorites is Jeopardy! along with CashCab. A part of Jeopardy! is the Clue Crew Established in 2001. The Clue Crew travels the globe recording video clues for Jeopardy! the Clue Crew has traveled to 45 states and 31 countries. I asked one member of the clue crew how she became part of it and she was awesome enough to answer my question.

Darknessusa: "How did you get to be in the clue crew if i may ask?"

Kelly Miyahara: "I saw the ad 5 years ago. My mom and dad were the first to tell me about it. I thought it looked like a dream job, but never imagined it would become a reality. Boy, am I glad I applied! After sending in my audition tape and application, I received an invitation to 1 of 6 casting auditions across the country. Mine was in Los Angeles. I received a call back that day, then later was invited to the "Finals." 9 Finalists were involved that weekend in L.A. for an audition/interview process. It was an amazingly fun process and I could hardly believe that it would get better. It did! I have been with the show for 5 seasons now. I love my job!"

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