Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reading Yahoo mail on the PS3

I have been using my PS3 for internet access recently and I had a hard time getting into my yahoo mail until I discovered this really simple trick. First you need a Flikr account so if you have one good if not sign up for one it's free. I have read post that you have to merge this and that you don't need to

now while on the PS3 go to Flikr and sign in. when the page with the different language greetings appears push the button on your controller that brings up the address of the page I think it is the select button but whichever one it is bring it up.

now erase the current web page address with L1+square. now simply type in yahoomail.com, this should take you to your mail in-box and voila!

when you are finished reading mail signout of yahoo and go back to Flikr and sign out of that too. if you have a different yahoo email address than your one tied to Flikr it doesn't matter simple type in your email address and password in the Flikr log in and after go to yahoomail. if a box tells you to create a new whatever ignore it and just type yahoo mail in the address bar.

now for the way yahoo mail looks on the PS3 I have found no way to fix it. also when you try to send email on the PS3 it can get a little buggy so you may have to turn off javascript in tools to send mail .

hope this helps someone

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