Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Is GiftHulk

What is GiftHulk? your favorite anger management needing raging behemoth superhero wrapped up in a bow? no, though that would be awesome and dangerous I bet. okay then its a new soft drink that explodes flavor like a gift in your mouth? a candy bar? a new clothing line? no, no and no. stop guessing and ill tell you.  its the fancy all free site that answers the question is anything really free anymore?.

GiftHulk, a reward site that offers amazing prizes, gift cards and all sort of amazing stuff for things you already do on the internet like searching and watching videos and playing games. its free to sign up and you don't even need to be over 18 to use it.

So how does it work? well once you sign up you'll have the opportunity to earn hulk coins by doing searches, watching videos, taking surveys, playing games and other neat offers on the site. These gift hulk coins can be used in the GiftHulk store to buy anything available from jewelry, Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards to gadgets like a Green Laser Pointer Pen (don't point that in your eye by the way)

So what are you waiting for hop, skip, jump, run(not with scissors) on over to GiftHulk and join the fun!

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