Saturday, November 7, 2015


So what drives business is profit, they need to make money more money. staying consistent isn't good enough and losing money is a definite no no so there are ways a business can make more money and its by giving you less product but keeping the product the same price or increasing it.

 case in point spaghetti products by Campbell have shrunk noticeably but the price has not. we are paying more essentially because we are getting less product so its sneaky with a price increase but a product decrease.  spaghettios and franks use to be 14 3/4oz(418g) now they are 14oz(397g). what's the big deal you say? well its not a big deal but its the principal of it and another way big business is fleecing us

Campbell's Spaghettios W/sliced Franks

the pics are not exact because the size difference isn't that big but there is a difference

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