Monday, October 17, 2016

digital comic museum

do you want to read comics online? do you want to read old comics online? if you answered yes to one of those questions i have a site for you.

Its a site dedicated to golden age comics most that are public domain. what is golden age..that means the bygone age of the late 30's or 40's.  These comics were on the racks when superman and batman first came out and were competitors. i discovered this site and i was surprised i knew nothing of these heroes from the past, most of the companies went out of business and stopped making comics.

Some of the most famous DC comic heroes were from other companies that sold the characters to dc when they went belly up like-plastic man, blue beetle, phantom lady and captain marvel (of course DC had a hand in the big red cheese going away)

Go check it out, in addition to superhero comics they have romance, cowboy, science fiction, horror, funny animals and whatever else was made into a comic

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