Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bad Game Cinema

I am a fan of video games and some video games are good ideas and concepts that could be films but their translation to the big screen has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. almost all the video game movies have been bad with the exception of mortal kombat 1 which was just mediocre. Name me one, just one game film that was not horrible. Okay silent hill came close to matching the creepiness of the game but aside from that...all garbage. I was really disapointed by the tombraider and resident evil franchises. Angelina jolie was born to play Lara croft but both films have been mediocre with the games far surpassing them in excitement and depth. Resident evil went a totally different route from the game in the first movie only to try to make up for it in the second. Nemesis came off as a clown in the second film. Hopefully no more games will be made into films, stick to old tv shows and comic books.

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