Saturday, November 24, 2007


I have this neighbor and one day he has his back door open and I see a confederate flag hanging on his wall. I don’t know this guy but I can assume only three things 1 he is a really big civil war buff 2 he is like into southern pride or 3 he is a racist. Now I don’t know him so I wont assume he is a racist built I never understood the fascination with the flag. No one has the early version of the flag when there were only a few states but people love to rock the confederate flag. To me it is a traitor’s flag. I mean look at what it represents a collection of states trying to break apart the union of the United States after freedom from England for about what/ almost 100 years. The south lost the war and yet you still see the flag. Never have losers of a war or battle been so arrogant. I don’t know if the English are bragging about losing the revolutionary war or if Germany has a lot of iron crosses flying everywhere or swastikas. I just don’t see the fascination with the civil war. Here in Virginia they actually have statues to the losers. The most important war was the revolutionary war, the one that helped America become independent. I don’t get it

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