Saturday, February 23, 2008


religious icons
I am not a heathen I believe in a God. Or at least a higher spiritual universe what I don't believe in is man's limited understanding of the universe. Not too long ago mankind was worshiping all types of gods, gods in trees, gods of the wind, gods of mischief. Every culture has their set of gods. Christianity is just another religion in a long line of religions. Every so often there is a report that "biblical artifact proven true" or "biblical city unearthed" the bible was written a long time ago of course they are going to write about what they knew. If the bible was written today in America it would be filled with exploits of the going ons in the states of America. Just because some archaeologists dig up some brick wall that is supposed to be Sodom or Gomorrah it is not going to make me believe that a woman turned to salt. I am supposed to take the word of ancient man on religion? Do we take the word of ancient man on anything else? Does medicine still believe demons make us sick, do we still think the earth is flat but yet and still we still follow the ancient thinking on our religions. Come on people plain common sense disputes a lot of the bible. A man living to be 800, 900 years old? A person coming back to life after being crucified, really? A virgin birth?

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