Friday, June 13, 2008

fantastic four: lost in translation

I read something online recently from one of the actors that plays the part of johnny storm in the Fantastic Four movies. He said he does not think there will be a third and by the words he said in the piece it seemed like he was not up for another anyway. I along with a lot of other fans of the comic were... are, disappointed by the way the movies have been presented. My first problem was with the casting, not that Jessica Alba is not pretty but she somehow never captured the essence of Susan Richards not just her being half white and Mexican but that she is more pin up material than actress. I always thought they should have gone with like Scarlett Johansson or to go older some one like the actress from the movie Boogie Nights, Heather Graham. Reed Richards as portrayed in the movie is a little weak not the confident scientist as in the books. The Thing or Ben Grimm was cast okay. The best performances and most interesting characters in both movies have been the Human Torch and Doctor Doom. I am in the process of writing a script for FF3 entitled Quest For The Cosmic Rod. I don't know if it will ever see the light of day but I am making it for my own pleasure.

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