Saturday, June 21, 2008

first black superhero

Marvel comics’ Black Panther is always trumpeted as the first black superhero but I think that distinction goes to someone else. Back in 1947 a comic called All Negro Comics had a character very similar to Black Panther, Lion Man –

This Tarzanesque adventure story begins with this foreword: “American-born, college educated, Lion Man is a young scientist, sent by the United Nations to watch over the fearsome ‘MAGIC MOUNTAIN’ of the African Gold Coast. Within its crater lies the world’s largest deposit of URANIUM – ENOUGH TO MAKE AN ATOM BOMB THAT COULD DESTROY THE WORLD.

Lion Man’s job is to report on the doings of any treacherous nation that might seek to carry away any of the lethal stuff for the purpose of war. Lion Man has been warned against agents of a certain warlike nation who might try to smuggle some of the mountain’s treasure out of Africa. He was invented by Geo. J. Evans Jr and The publisher, writer and “President of All-Negro Comics, Inc.”, Orrin. C. Evans you can read the comic here for free  DIGITAL COMIC MUSEUM

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