Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas card exchange-get a card from me!!

charlie brown Christmas

As I have gotten older Christmas has had less and less meaning for me. When I was a kid I was all about the presents but somewhere down the line not being able to give gifts like I wanted soured me on the holiday.

Now mostly I enjoy Christmas vicariously through my nephew, making sure he gets the hottest games for whatever video game system he has. Recently in the last few years I have gained some enjoyment by sending or giving out Christmas cards.

Mailing them to people,leaving them on windshields, giving them to cashiers at the bank and drive through restaurants,some I don't even know. Anyway I would love to give out some this year so if you read this post between Nov, 18th 2008-DEC 1,2008 sign up to receive a Christmas card and if I can, I will send you one.

Leave your: full name and address and if you are not from the United States leave your country and zip code.

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