Saturday, November 8, 2008

male enhancement pills

Do male enhancement pills work?

There are a lot of claims made about male enhancement pills and I tend to think they don't work. There is an infomercial running on late night TV with a bevy of beauties sitting around discussing there past relationships. Each woman complains about how small their partner was and how it affected the relationship.After seeing this infomercial you will quickly call an order up a case of their products.When Viagra came out guys went wild about it, comedians made jokes, studies were done on it, Bob Dole advertised it. If male enhancement pills worked, the company would be the richest company in the world. Now when I say male enhancement I mean the claim that pills can increase the length of your" little partner". If a pill made you bigger, guys would be taking these things like Tic-Tacs. So my answer, researched on WebMD is no.

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