Tuesday, May 25, 2010


final scenes jack's father leads the survivors to their next destination

the TV show LOST has shown its last episode and I am unsure how I feel about the episode. It was full of emotion and character interactions that has been a big part of the show for its run but the ending has left more questions unanswered. First let me say someone online said that the stuff that happened on the island really happened which I thought was not true. I figure if they don't survive the original crash all the fantastical elements of the show could be explained but if they do how are all the weird happenings possible.

I never really thought LOST was a sci-fi show but if all the stuff on the island was supposedly real then it will have to be considered that way. what has not been explained is all the coincidences of the character interactions before the plane crash.

so someone online explained that the whole "sideways flash" was not because of the bomb but a place the dead survivors created until they were ready to move on to the next phase of death. since there is no time frame the people in the universe could have been in purgatory or limbo for years until Desmond helps them move on. so when jack dies on the island at the end of the show he goes to the purgatory place?

who knows what the writers intended but it was a good show

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