Monday, April 11, 2016

Golden State Of Mind

Well the Golden State Warriors of the NBA have pulled off the dream feat or gold standard in the NBA regular season they have won at least 70 games, 72 to be exact of this posting. It has been a dream season for them full of ups and downs but mostly ups. Lead by the videogamesque shooting of Stephon Curry the are poised to end the season with 73 wins setting a new regular season record and shattering the old record by one game held by the 96 Chicago Bulls.

All the older players from the Jordan era and before say they would be swept or beat by the 72-10 Chicago team but that is comparing apples to oranges.  The game has changed tremendously and playing under whichever rules we don't know what the outcome really would be. If winning 70 games was easy more teams would have instead of just coming close with 68 or 69 wins. instead of disrespecting Golden State and their accomplishment I will say congrats! and good luck in the playoffs.

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