Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lindsay Hollister

 actresslindsay hollister here is an interview i did with an actress for my old website
where are you from?

lindsay: I was born in Columbus, Ohio. But grew up in Pickerington, a suburb of Columbus.

how did you get into acting?

lindsay: I was always interested in acting, but wasn't able to take a class
until my sophomore year of High School.
The fall play that year had a part that was perfect for me
I auditioned and got it! Never looked back from that point on.

what was your first acting gig?

lindsay: About a year after I moved to LA, a role came up on the new hit show, Boston Public.
It was for an overweight female student who was beating up the kids who made fun of her.
The wrestling coach recruits her for the team and she finds success on the wrestling mat.
Even though I was non-union and inexperienced in front of the camera, I got the role. One of the best days of my life!
I went on to do three more episodes before my character died on the show.

tell me some of the things you have appeared in?

lindsay : Most memorable TV roles have probably been on Nip/Tuck, Joan of Arcadia, Law & Order: SVU,
Scrubs, Big Love, My Name is Earl and Cold Case.

what is next for you?

lindsay: I'm off to Montreal for a week in June to film an awesome scene opposite Steve Carrell in the big screen adaptation of "Get Smart"!
It's amazing, people will finally get to see me on the big screen!

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