Sunday, January 27, 2008

Victims of the modern age

We are victims of the modern age. We all are. Our ancestors, ancestors of man and womankind didn’t have to worry about the same things we do. Oh they had a lower life expectancy, no vaccines and Armageddon was going to happen every few years but not the same problems. No transfats, no hydrogenated oils, no radiation from cell phones, computer screens or microwaves, none of it. They were not 400 pound blobbers needing to be cut out of their home, they did not live a sedentary life, and of course it is hard to live a sedentary lifestyle when your food might migrate to a different area while you slept. The air was cleaner only polluted by natural smokes from forest fires and the occasional volcano eruption. But …..BUT, with all that said I don’t know if I would trade places with them if I had a choice. I mean they couldn’t order a large pepperoni pizza at 3am if they were hungry brought to your home and if they got a cold maybe they lived or maybe they died.

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